Denny Substation and Transmission Lines

Seattle, WA / 2018


Seva staff worked with Seattle City Light to develop and implement an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)-focused public outreach program for a new electrical substation, transmission line and network distribution system serving South Lake Union and surrounding downtown areas.

We engaged diverse neighborhoods and business interests, including targeted outreach in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District where most people speak languages other than English. We facilitated working sessions with multi-lingual community liaisons and translated key information to ensure neighbors were adequately informed to participate and provide comment on the Draft EIS (DEIS).

For the DEIS hearing and Final EIS (FEIS) release, we developed press releases, official notices, display ads, postcards, presentations, and a comprehensive set of exhibits that described the EIS process, portrayed alternatives, and identified in detail anticipated environmental impacts.

Denny Substation is an innovative piece of infrastructure in a dense and fast-changing downtown Seattle neighborhood. We worked with City Light and the community to ensure the new substation–City Light’s first in 30 years–would provide needed community amenities while also serving as a model for environmental sustainability. The resulting substation elevates City Light’s standards of environmental sustainability, provides a new public space for the neighborhood, and enhances the community’s awareness of sustainable energy.
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