Programmatic sepa review

Washington State / ONGOING

Seva Workshop’s staff has led and participated in programmatic SEPA review for subarea plans, comprehensive plans, regulatory updates and other policy and regulatory actions.

We work with clients to develop a thoughtful and considered approach, clear alternatives, and thorough analysis. To enhance readability, we emphasize simple clear language and use of graphics to visualize data. Our focus is to build defensible documents that provide useful information to decision-makers and the public. Selected examples of our staff’s work are listed below.

Seattle Transportation Master Plan Draft EIS
Seattle University District Urban Design EIS
Seattle 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update EIS
Seattle South Lake Union Height and Density EIS
Bellevue 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update SEPA Review
Anacortes 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update SEPA Review
Edgewood 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update SEPA Review
Bellevue Downtown Land Use Code Update SEPA Review

Photo: Seattle Transportation Plan

What is SEPA? The State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) in Washington State is a set of rules that ensures when important policy changes are being considered, the potential impact on the environment is carefully examined. SEPA requires government agencies to prepare a detailed report called an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), outlining how they might affect things like air and water quality, wildlife, and the overall environment. It also encourages public input to gather community perspectives. The goal is to make well-informed decisions that consider both development needs and environmental protection, striking a balance between progress and sustainability.
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