Seattle Madison Street Rapid Ride G Outreach

Seattle, WA / 2020

Seva staff provided community engagement leadership for the planning, design, and construction phases of Seattle’s RapidRide G bus line. In addition to creating public outreach plans and identifying property contacts along the corridor, Seva staff conducted door-to-door outreach and one-on-one interviews, coordinated dozens of small group briefings, staffed open houses, and distributed outreach materials. Our staff’s 80+ contacts along the Madison Street corridor ranged from high rises and hospitals to small business owners who speak English as a second language and require translation services to participate in engagement opportunities.

During the construction phase, members of our team closely coordinated with impacted stakeholders to communicate project status updates and help to mitigate disruptions. Throughout the project, we successfully maintained relationships with the properties along the future bus corridor despite ongoing staffing, management, and ownership changes. Critical to the outreach team’s success was rigorous documentation of contacts and comments to help the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) understand stakeholder needs, how the corridor functions, and how people navigate the corridor.

When complete, the Rapid Ride G line will bring new, reliable, and frequent bus service to the densely developed neighborhoods between 1st Ave in downtown Seattle and Martin Luther King Jr Way.

Photo: Seattle Department of Transportation

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