Tacoma tideflats subarea plan

Tacoma, WA / Ongoing

Project started while at BERK Consulting


Seva Workshop is currently leading a subarea planning process for the Tacoma Tideflats. With an area of over 5,000 acres of waterfront land providing habitat, the Tideflats is the ancestral lands of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, an economic center that includes industrial and manufacturing and maritime activity, as well as the location of a working port. The Plan area is based on the current Port of Tacoma Manufacturing Industrial Center (MIC) which is defined both in the Puget Sound Regional Council’s VISION 2040 as well as the City of Tacoma Comprehensive Plan.

The process is intended to create a shared long-term vision and more coordinated approach to development, environmental review, and strategic capital investments in the Tideflats. It includes a multifaceted engagement effort including inter-agency involvement with the five participating governments (the cities of Tacoma and Fife, the Port of Tacoma, Pierce County, and the Puyallup Tribe) and communities.

The engagement effort implemented a broad range of tools to gather input from a variety of communities. This includes direct engagement with property and business owners, as well as facilitation of an advisory committee. Given the pandemic and the demographics of the community, materials and activities need to be provided in a range of formats and in multiple languages. Engagement activities include virtual and recorded meetings, social media and mobile-optimized web content, eye-catching on-site signage, phone calls, and placing hard copy feedback tools at essential businesses.


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