bellevue comprehensive plan 2044

Bellevue, WA / 2023


Seva Workshop prepared a Racially Disparate Impacts report that evaluated Bellevue’s housing policies and regulations. The report identified and analyzed policies and regulations that result in disparate impacts, displacement, or exclusion of particular racial or economic groups. Seva also authored the housing chapter for the City’s environmental review.

We developed performance metrics to screen current conditions and future alternatives for their advancement of or hinderance to racial equity and displacement. This provided a cohesive evaluation framework for equity for other technical experts contributing to the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that accompanies the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The EIS identifies and analyzes potential unavoidable or adverse impacts and mitigations measures that could result from the 2024 updates to the Comprehensive Plan.

The updated Comprehensive Plan will guide Bellevue’s growth and development through 2044.


Washington State recently made changes to the housing element of the Growth Management Act (GMA). The changes move from language that encouraged affordable housing to language that requires Bellevue and other jurisdictions planning under GMA to plan for and accommodate affordable housing, with specific requirements for identifying sufficient land capacity for moderate, low, very low, and extremely low income households.

The changes also require jurisdictions to identify housing policies and regulations that result in racially disparate impacts, displacement, or exclusion and start the work of undoing those impacts.

The purpose of Seva Workshop’s evaluation was to begin analyzing the impacts of Bellevue’s housing policies and regulations through an equity lens – looking for places those policies and regulations may be having disparate impacts on particular racial or economic groups.

We must know where we’ve been (historic context), and where we are (current conditions), to be able to make informed decisions and have productive community conversations that guide us toward more equitable housing policies and regulations.

Walkable Access to Parks and Percent People of Color (POC), 2023

Sources: City of Bellevue, 2022; Seva Workshop, 2023.


Location of Higher Performing Schools Relative to Racial Composition of Neighborhood

Sources: OSPI, 2023; Seva Workshop, 2023.

Location Quotients for Asian, Black, Hispanic/Latino and White Residents

Source: US Census ACS 2017-2021 5-year estimates; Seva Workshop, 2023.

Homeownership Rates in Bellevue, by Race and Ethnicity, 2010 & 2020

Sources: American Community Survey 2020 5-year estimates, Table B25003A-I; Seva Workshop 2023.

NOTE: Margin of errors for smaller groups becomes high – for this disaggregation, NHOPI and AIAN categories, in particular, have very high margins of error. These estimates should be considered reflective of trends rather than exact calculations.

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