Puget Sound Regional Council Arts and Culture Economic Recovery Plan

Seattle, WA / 2022

Project completed while at BERK Consulting

Following work with ArtsFund to describe the vital role that arts and culture play in community and the threat that Covid-19 and associated policy measures posed to the future of arts and culture; Vivien led the development of the Arts and Culture Economic Recovery Strategy with the Puget Sound Regional Council. As the regional economic development organization PSRC provides a venue for Puget Sound partners to align efforts in support of organizations and workers in arts and culture in post-pandemic recovery. Vivien facilitated a regional arts and cultural advisory group, led a survey of cultural workers and qualitative data collection, and integrated regional economic data analysis to develop a recovery plan. The resulting plan and recommended actions address critical issues facing the cultural economy and continue to call for more sustainable and equitable support.

Developing a cross-agency strategic action plan requires comfort with complexity coupled with a practical and realistic facilitation style. Each party has to reflect on their unique part to play in resolving community issues and to grapple with their limitations. Our depth of experience in the region and familiarity with the policy and funding environment helped identify opportunities for individual contributions and for collaboration and partnership in restoring vitality in the arts and cultural system. Communities are naturally multidimensional and complex, and Seva Workshop excels at helping people come together for a common good.
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